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Advent December 1, 2010

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This post is for Ashley…

I had a really fun time planning for the Christmas season this year. Cameron is at such a fun age and is capable of doing short activities. A few months ago I searched the Internet and collected all sorts of toddler activities that he could do. Then I made an advent calendar and began planning.

I am also starting a tradition that I know he’s not quite ready for, but I want him to always remember doing it. I have some “Proclamation Ornaments” that I got at Bellevue years ago. On one side it has the Old Testament reference about the coming Messiah and of the other side it has the New Testament reference where Christ is the fulfillment.

So, each day we take out the ornament and Cameron gets to put it on our special small tree just for those ornaments. Then he pulls out the activity card for that day and we do it. (of course he can’t read it, it’s more for me.)

Here is the list of our activities …
Day 1- put up Christmas tree and decorations as a family
Day 2- open and play with nativity set
Day 3- color Christmas picture (I bought a Sesame Street Christmas coloring book for this)
Day 4 – watch Charlie Brown Christmas
Day 5 – make Christmas cards for family.
Day 6 – make And decorate Christmas cookies
Day 7 – take cookies to neighbors.
Day 8- open and read Nativity Picture book.
Day 9 – watch Nativity cartoon
Day 10- paint with Christmas colors/shapes
Day 11- go through toys and pick ones to give away
Day 12- take toys to local Mission.
Day 13- make birthday cake for Jesus.
Day 14- make an ornament to add to tree
Day 15- make cards/presents for teachers at school
Day 16- Christmas party at MDO
Day 17- go look at Christmas lights
Day 18- play with Christmas color play-doh
Day 19- make thank you cards to send after Christmas
Day 20- make Pioneer Cinnamon Rolls to take to Memphis
Day 21- build gingerbread houses
Day 22- decorate wrapping paper to wrap family’s gifts.
Day 23
Day 24

I didn’t plan anything the last two days because I didn’t know when we were going home. Turns out that we’ll be here so I have to think of two more activities.


One Response to “Advent”

  1. Ashley Says:

    Thanks for putting that up!!! I’ll have to start an idea book so I can do all these things and other things I hear/read/see to use in the future!

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