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What’s Going On… October 25, 2010

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Well, I have failed again. It’s been quite a long time since I last posted. I am going to give a quick run down of all that has been going on…

1.) Sick, Sick, Sick – I last posted about my pneumonia experience. Well, right about the time I was starting to feel like myself again, Cameron and I both got a virus. We were hit with congestion, sore throat, and fever. It lasted about a week. Just as we were getting over that, Cameron came home from Mothers Day Out with a stomach virus. He was sick with it for about 3 days. As soon as he got over it, Mike and I both got it. Today is the first day I have actually felt 100% since the beginning of September. Needless to say, we are praying that this is the end of our bout with illness.

2.) Mother’s Day Out (MDO) – For the past 2 months, Cameron has been going to MDO on Mondays. He absolutely loves it. He knows the names of all of the kids in his class and his teachers. On Monday mornings when I tell him we’re getting ready for school, he starts clapping and yelling “YAY”. I’m so glad that he loves it. I don’t just love that he is having fun, I love the free day. So far, I have been sick for most of them, but I have been using the day to clean the house uninterrupted. I hope to eventually begin using this time to volunteer at a local Middle School.

Cameron's first day of MDO (also Teddy Bear day).

3.) Africa – For 10 days in September, Mike went to Kenya with Compassion International. The idea of the trip was to take ministers from churches all over the country to see for themselves what sponsoring a compassion kid actually does. He was able to watch actual sponsored kids and families as they participated in the programs. The hope is that after the ministers experience the program hands on that they will return to their home church and spread the excitement and get people to support Compassion. Mike would be the first to tell you IT WORKED!! He came back home so inspired by all that Compassion International does. He got to talk to people whose lives have been changed through the program. One day they visited the biggest slum in Africa. He said that it was very overwhelming. These people are the poorest of the poor, yet they were mostly happy. He said that it was very convicting concerning how materialistic we as Americans are. The same day that they went to the slum, they did a complete emotional 180, as they were taken on a Safari and treated like royalty. He said that it was amazing to see all of those animals we only see in zoos, just walking around. I would have loved to see it.

The Slum.

Masai selling handmade souvenirs


Masai Women.

As many of my readers know, Mike and I have felt called to someday adopt from Ethiopia for a very long time. I think this trip has increased Mike’s desire and increased his feeling of urgency. The kids he watched and talked to look just like our future child will. Ethiopia borders Kenya, so the land and culture are similar. Just being there and knowing that he was just a days drive away from where we will one day pick up our child made things more real for him. Now it’s just a waiting game to see when it is time for us to go down that road. We’re patiently waiting for God’s guidance.

Can you see why he came back eager?!? So CUTE!

4.) Middle School Retreat – The week after Mike got back from Africa, it was time to take the Middle School students on our fall retreat. When Mike started planning this 8 months ago, he estimated about 60-70 kids would go. When he got back from Africa, he found out that 95 students had signed up. So, after grabbing more chaperones, we took off for Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, Texas. The kids had a great time and everything went really well. Our good friend Ryan Mullins came as our Retreat Speaker. This is good because 1.Ryan is a great speaker and our students were challenged by him and 2. this meant that Anne and Max got to come play with me and Cameron. It was a great weekend being with students, catching up with dear friends, and watching Cameron have a BLAST in the water park. He LOVED it. He even went down the slides in the kiddie area all by himself. I was so proud!

Cameron and Max watching cartoons before we headed out to Grapevine.

Students during worship.

5.) TWO – Well, this one hasn’t happened yet, but on Saturday my baby boy will be TWO!!!! I’m going to be cliche’ and say, “I just can’t believe it!” We are having his party in Memphis with all of our family and some close friends. I will make sure and put up pictures after the party and tell you all that my sweet, smart boy is up to these days!

Lastest picture of my 'nearly' 2 year old. (This was when he was sick - he doesn't normally lay around in just a diaper - haha).



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