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Humbled August 11, 2010

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For the majority of my life I have been RIDICULOUSLY impatient. When I want something, I want it NOW! When I’m going somewhere, I need to get there ASAP! You get the idea. Well God, in his wisdom and mysterious ways, saw to it that I married the most patient man on Earth. He can wait in traffic and never get frazzled. He can wait weeks for someone to answer a question and never once complain. Well, after 11 years of being together ( married almost 6) his art of patience has really worn off on me. And most importantly I have prayed that God would mold me into a patient person, especially where being a wife and mom are concerned. In fact last time my Mom came in town, she commented on how she could tell a difference. I was so proud!
However, God has a great way of not letting us get to full of ourselves! Yesterday, we had a busy day planned that included lunch with sone Middle School students. I neglected my quiet time in the morning and rushed on with our morning. Cameron decided that it wasn’t the best day to cooperate, that just set it all into a nose dive. We left a few minutes later than I wanted, I turned down the wrong street, and got stopped at every red light. This all made me feel anxious and frazzled. So, I started driving like a mad woman to get to lunch. I was speeding, rolling through stop signs, and overall just being ridiculous. I pulled into a parking spot and felt the conviction pour over me. How crazy to get so bent out of shape for trivial things and let them lead to more sin. I prayed about it and was excited about moving on with my day.
As Cameron and I walked into the mall, my favorite girls in the world, the Nichols girls, were waiting on me. Mattison greeted me by saying, ” You drive like a crazy person!” Turns out they had been following me the whole time. BUSTED! I was so embarrassed. I couldn’t believe they had witnessed the whole thing!
Overall lesson is that I will forever be an impatient person. When I take my eyes of Christ, neglect my time with Him, and think that I can do it on my own, He will humble me and remind me that it is by HIS power that I display fruit, not my own. What a humbling experience!


2 Responses to “Humbled”

  1. Jenn Says:

    too funny! I can hear her saying this!

  2. Amy Says:

    Funny. Last time I rode with you I got car sick. There is nothing in this world that is so important to risk your life or someone else’s by driving crazy. Isn’t it funny how the older you get the more you realize that we create some of our stress without needing to. Now you see why I never seem to frazzled.

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