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Things I Love About Cameron… May 4, 2010

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(In no particular order and by NO MEANS complete)

– The way he so desperately wants to count. He can’t say the numbers but he does this voice inflection thing and gets REALLY excited when he gets to 3!

– The way he grabs my arm while I’m changing his diaper and kisses it.

– How he knows his animal sounds and any time he sees a picture of a cow or cat he “Moos” or “Meow’s” respectively.

– When he watches cartoons he likes to get down and play and just pay attention every 10 minutes or so. When he decides to watch, he comes and stands by me and holds on to my pant leg for dear life. I don’t know why he needs that comfort while he watches TV, but I am happy to provide it.

– He likes to do what we call, “Climb Mt. Momma”. Meaning he gets in my lap, gets down, stands on my lap, gets down, wants me to hold him, gets down…you get the idea. The amazing part is that all of this takes place within about 1 minute. It is often very annoying, yet I know the day will come when I long or him to be able to do it.

– He is in a major “Daddy Phase” right now and I love it. It is so sweet to watch his face light up when Michael is around. It just melts my heart.

– He is learning so many words. A lot of them only I can understand, but it still counts.

– At night, after his bath, he starts saying “nigh nigh”. He so happily goes in his bed after many sweet hugs. I am so proud of how easily he goes to bed.

– Anytime he sees pictures of Jesus in his story book Bible he always yells, “Daddy”. Every time we go over how “That’s not Daddy, that’s Jesus”. However, it is a great reminder to take advantage of those moments and continuously pray for Cameron’s heart to be sensitive to the Lord and for us to be diligent in our instruction, so that he can someday call Jesus “Daddy” and be correct.


One Response to “Things I Love About Cameron…”

  1. Brandie Says:

    These are the sweetest moments. And you’re right, the day will come that you will wish he could still do all those things even the annoying ones, they’ll end up being your fondest memories. He is such a cutie and I am so happy for ya’ll.

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