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Sick, Sick, Sick May 3, 2010

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Well, I was going to post sooner than this, but that obviously didn’t happen. I was going to post Easter pictures but I’m STILL waiting on my mother-in-law to send them to me. So, if you know her give her a hard time maybe that will speed the process up. In my last post I wrote about our trip to CO. Well that fell through at the last minute so we went home to Memphis instead. That’s kind of where this story begins…

So far, every time we take Cameron to Memphis he comes home sick. So we came home April 12th and sure enough he had fever and some sort of cold. Each day his fever got a little worse and even topped out at 105.1 (that was scary). I took him to the Dr. and found out he had an ear infection. We started medicine and he started feeling better but the next week he broke out with a bad rash all over. The nurse said that happens after high fevers. So just as the rash gets all better and I think we’re all back to 100%, it was time for Mike to get his wisdom teeth pulled. We did really well. No dry sockets, but they only pulled 2 – he has to go back for the rest. The next week I had to go in for a root canal. As soon as I left my throat started hurting. I thought it was just from holding my mouth open for so long but as the days passed by and it kept getting worse, I knew I was wrong. By Saturday I felt AWFUL and spent the entire weekend in bed. I woke up this morning still feeling pretty bad and when I picked up Cameron from his crib I noticed that he was warm. Sure enough…he has fever. So far  it has gotten up to 103.5 today and now we’re experiencing the joys of “bad diapers”. So now Cameron and I are BOTH sick.



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