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A Decade in Review! January 6, 2010

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10 years! WOW!!!! I have only lived through 2 complete decades – the 90’s and the 2000’s/00’s – seriously how do you write that???. (I was only around for 6.5 years of the 80’s) I got the idea from my good friend Cary to do a decade in review…
Michael and I spent New Years Eve at Bellevue for the lighting of the 3 crosses (these would later become very significant to us!). We had only been dating a little over a month. That following August we began our Senior Year of high school.
We graduated from High School and that fall began our college careers at the University of Memphis. I majored in Elementary Education and he majored in Accounting.
We start our Sophomore years and join the University of Memphis Marching Band. We just couldn’t let go of our inner band nerd (We only marched that one semester though!)
A lot of our friends start getting married and we start talking a little more seriously about marriage. Michael starts feeling (or should I say responding to what God had been saying for ย a long time) called to ministry.
In February, Michael proposes under the crosses at Bellevue (see I told you they would become significant). We finish up our Junior year and finally become College Seniors. Wedding Planning is taking a lot of our time and energy. In December we move all of our things (notice I said things and not us. We didn’t shack up before the wedding, I promise! ๐Ÿ™‚ ) into our first apartment at Mid-America Seminary Student Housing.
We get married on January 8th. I start student teaching and then graduate in May. Michael starts Seminary in August, even though he still had one more Bachelor’s class to go. He is working 30 hours a week, going to the University of Memphis and starting his Masters. I start my first teaching job at a small (very chaotic and disfunctional) private school. I just remember being very busy and stressed. We visit Brandon and Ashley at Southern Seminary in October and fall in LOVE with Louisville – God starts stirring our hearts.He graduates from UofM that December.
In February we make the decision to transfer to Southern Seminary in the fall. We move to Louisville in July, both jobless and ready for a new journey. I start teaching at Southside Elementary as a 3rd/4th grade teacher. Michael begins his classes. We get Baxter, our sweet black lab, in September.
I continue teaching, Mike continues his school work and starts working as a student ministry intern at Highview Baptist Church. (Notice I have now changed from Michael to Mike. During our time at Highview his name slowly started transitioning to Mike. We still don’t know how this happened) Over Thanksgiving we find out that Mike’s credits from Mid-America have transfered and he will be able to graduate in the Spring, a semester earlier than we had planned – we start feeling a little overwhelmed.
On March 4th we find out that I am pregnant!!! Mike starts interviewing for jobs and then graduates in May. We move to another apartment in Louisville while we wait on a job. Mike gets a job at Central Baptist Church and in September we move to College Station, Texas. Cameron Michael Shaeffer is born on October 30th.
We celebrate our one year anniversary of being in Texas. We are getting accustomed to life with a baby and life in full-time ministry. We also move again – this time finally out of an apartment.
So, there you have it, our decade in review. Looking back, I can’t believe so much happened – it’s crazy.
All week I have been praying that 2010 will be a year that God is overly evident in our lives. I have been praying that after many years have passed and I am reflecting, I will remember 2010 as the year that is covered with God’s presence, miracles, and influence. That it is a year that He does something BIG in our lives. I do realize that by praying this I am really opening myself up to face things that seem insurmountable. While I don’t want to wish difficulty or adversity into my life, I do desire for God to do something HUGE. If that is what we must face to experience it I say, bring it on 2010!!!

3 Responses to “A Decade in Review!”

  1. Cary Says:

    You’ll pray that prayer but you won’t read Crazy Love???

  2. Christie Says:

    I don’t know the girl who left that comment, but I agree with her–you have to read Crazy Love!

  3. Shaefferfamily Says:

    I had joked with Cary that I was putting off reading “Crazy Love” because I was scared that it would result in my moving to a hut in Africa, selling all of my possessions, or something CRAZY!!!! But I did get the book for Christmas and I started reading it this week. No huts yet! ๐Ÿ™‚

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