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What a Week! October 13, 2009

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This past week has brought so many changes that it is overwhelming. At the beginning of last week Mike and I went to Houston for the Metro Associates Conference (It’s a conference for Associate Youth Pastors). My parents came and stayed with Cameron, and since I was going to be away from him, I used that opportunity to finish weaning him completely. Then after we got home we had to go ahead and buy Cameron his “big boy” car seat. His poor feet were getting squished in the back of the seat, so we knew it was time. We also wanted to have him in his forward facing ¬†seat when we go home to Memphis for his birthday, it will just make the trip easier. So Friday, we bought that and let him try it out. lastly, we bought Cameron his first pair of tennis shoes. He didn’t have any shoes that fit and he had gotten to where now that he likes to walk so much he wants us to put him down when we are out. We had to go to the actual shoe department and figure out what size he wears. He wears a 4!!!! I couldn’t believe it!

So on Monday, as I was cleaning the house, I packed his Boppy, his bottles, and his baby car seat all in his closet. The entire time I was just overwhelmed that we have already made it to this point. In just a little over 2 short weeks I will have a one year old! Somebody pinch me because I just don’t believe it!

Here are some pictures of my “big boy”.

In his "big boy" car seat.

In his "big boy" car seat.

Sitting on the couch like a big guy.

Sitting on the couch like a big guy.


"Forget that sippy cup stuff Mom, I'm ready for this!"

"Forget that sippy cup stuff Mom, I'm ready for this!"


3 Responses to “What a Week!”

  1. Christie Says:

    Hey girl! Your little boy is precious–and I like that cup he’s drinking out of! It looks familiar…

  2. yay for the big boy… sad for mom.

  3. Lee Says:

    It does go by so fast, doesn’t it?! Christian likes drinking from a regular cup, too! It is funny to watch.

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