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The Beginning of the End September 21, 2009

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Today is the beginning of a new phase – the weaning phase. In one week I will have an 11 month old. I can’t believe we are this close to his first birthday. We are going to go home to Memphis for Cameron’s birthday so that all of our family can celebrate together. I really wanted him to be weaned by the time we made the trip, so I talked to Cameron’s doctor about it and he was really supportive. I did some research and found that the best way to wean is to do it slowly, that way it is less painful for both of us (emotionally and physically). So today we will drop Cameron’s lunch-time nursing. I can’t believe that we are already to this point. I keep thinking back to when Cameron was first born and I was in tears just praying that I would be able to make it 3 months, now we’re about to hit the year mark and we’re ending his phase of being completely dependent on me. WOW!!!! I am somewhat excited about the added freedom I will have once he is completely weaned, however there is something sobering about the fact that Cameron won’t need me. There is something special (and sometimes exhausting) about being the only person that can provide for your child. So, I’m going to cherish this last month of infancy that I have with my sweet baby boy as we prepare to enter the world of toddler-hood!

I’ll end with this sweet picture of my soon to be toddler.



One Response to “The Beginning of the End”

  1. just think though… you’ll finally have your boobs back to normal soon. 🙂

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