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SLOW DOWN!!!! July 26, 2009

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One thing I have heard A LOT since I first found out Cameron existed is, “Just enjoy it, it goes by so fast”. I have heard this so much it is almost annoying, however I have taken it to heart. I have tried to just enjoy each day and the changes that occur since Cameron was born. Even the little things that drive me crazy or make me exhausted, I just think, “Someday when he is grown, thinks I’m completely embarrassing, and has that lovely teenage attitude I am going to look back on this time and cherish it.”

On Thursday Cameron will be 9 months old. Now I realize he isn’t packing up and going off to college anytime soon. And he’s not even reached that wonderful 1 year milestone, but he is just starting to seem so “big”. He has been trying to walk for about a month now. It started at the beginning of June when he took 2 steps on his own. We thought it was more of a fall in which he happened to move his feet so we got excited, but didn’t really embrace it as him “walking”. Afterall, he wasn’t even 8 months yet, it was WAY too early. Then we noticed that he was still trying to take little steps on purpose, he just couldn’t get the hang of it. Well last week I was sitting in the middle of the living room floor and Cameron had pulled himself up by my feet and the next thing I knew he was walking all the way up toward my arms. He took about 6 steps. I got so excited that I started cheering and screaming for him, he was so proud of himself. On Wednesday I kept practicing with him and praising him. When Mike came home for his “pit-stop” on Thursday night Cameron showed off for Daddy by walking back and forth between us (about 6-8 steps) several times. He is by no means walking as a main mode of transportation yet, but he is capable of taking quite a few consecutive steps on a regular basis. I didn’t expect him to do this so soon.

Now I realize every parent is extremely proud of their child and thinks that what he/she does is the most incredible thing, but I have been impressed with how quickly Cameron catches on to things. It seems that once we show him something a few times or if he just starts to get the hang of something, within one day he has it mastered. It is slightly overwhelming.

Another sobering moment occured today when I cleamed out Cameron’s closet and drawers. I was tired of going through everything trying to find something that fit him. I still had a lot of 3-6 month things in his drawers and even 0-3 month clothes hanging in his closet. It seemed like he had SO MANY clothes, yet I have been struggling to find him something to wear. So today I went through everything and packed away everything he has grown out of. I filled an entire 16 gallon Rubbermade. As I was packing them away I kept think “Oh I love this shirt!”, “He looked so cute in this!”, “I should have gotten a picture in this outfit!”, “I can’t belive he was actually this small!”. Thinking all of these things made me wonder, what is it going to be like when he is 19 and I can look back and think about his days playing little league, his first day of school, the day he got saved, his first experience liking a girl, and so much more. It made me excited for the future and all that God has in store for him. But most of all is reminded me to keep cherishing each moment because it is going by quickly.

I’ll end this post with a few pictures that show my growing boy!

Few days old

Few days old

3 months old - Baby Dedication

3 months old - Baby Dedication

6 Months

6 Months

9 Months

9 Months



One Response to “SLOW DOWN!!!!”

  1. Sarah Says:

    How sweet! Yay for walking! 🙂 I loved reading the update. I miss you!

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