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Housing Situation May 31, 2009

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It’s been a long time since I have posted anything. I realized last week that I haven’t shared our housing story. We got the job here in College Station in the middle of August last year and wanted to be here by Labor Day. Since it was all happening so quickly and we were so far away we just decided to search online and use our few contacts here and find a place to live over the internet. What we didn’t consider was that this is a college town and we were moving at the very beginning of the semester. We kept finding apartments/rental houses in our price range (The few that were – housing is expensive here!) but they were already completely leased. Through some miraculous circumstances we found this apartment, which was the last one available and was actually under our price range. It just had a few downfalls – there were no washer and dryer connections, it was on the second floor, I wold still have to take our dog out every day. We knew that these things would be frustrating with a newborn, but felt that we would deal with it. There have been times that I have wanted to pull my hair out with the laundry. The first 5 months of Cameron’s life he had acid reflux, which left him and I covered in well, you know, all day. We both went through at least 3 shirts a day. This made for a lot of laundry. I have had trouble finding time to do the laundry since I need Michael here to take care of Cameron while I get it done. It is also difficult to carry all of the laundry, it costs a lot each month, and don’t even get me started about the fact that I have a washer and dryer in excellent condition just sitting in storage. The stairs up to our apartment haven’t been that big of a deal, however Cameron now weighs about 20 pounds and they’re getting a little more annoying. Another frustration for me has been my poor dog. It’s hard to make time to take him out with a baby. I know that seems silly but for some reason this ended up being more difficult for me than I expected. I would love to have a back yard where I could just let him out whenever I wanted.

So….about 6 months ago I started bugging Michael about us finding a new place to live. We knew that we weren’t ready to buy a house yet and we didn’t know if just the laundry, being on the second floor, and the dog were reason enough to move to another apartment. We started praying about what we were supposed to do. We just decided to wait and see if God opened any doors. We had to let our leasing office know by April 16th whether we were resigning our lease or not. As we were getting close to April we still had no leads and it looked as though we would just deal with all of our issues for one more year. I was very disappointed about this, but had finally really surrendered it to the Lord and got my attitude in check. On April 15th a friend from church, whose family owns a real-estate company, told me about a duplex they had open. I told her that I thought we were just going to stay where we were but that I would let her know. I talked to Michael that afternoon and just mentioned it and he said, “Well, we can at least go look at it.” We went to see it and it has covered parking right by the door, plenty of space, washer and dryer connections, and a fenced in yard. The rent was only a little more and they said that it was no problem that we had to wait until our lease was up in August to move. It was all too good to be true!! We took a couple of days to really make a wise  and prayerful decision and when we called them back it was still available and within that week we went and signed the lease! So, as of August 15th I will be able to do laundry whenever I want and my poor dog will get to pee more than twice a day. I’m not looking foward to the actual moving process but I am so ready to move. We have lived in apartments ever since we got married so I feel like we’re taking steps in the right direction. Who knows – maybe next year I’ll get my first house! ha!

The main thing that I hve learned through this whole process is the graciousness of the Lord. I have a wonderful “home” now that meets all of my needs. All of these frustrations I have mentioned are just that – frustrations. I dont have to have a washer and dryer or a yard –  they are just things that make life easier. Yet, the Lord cares about the details of our lives. And even when I didn’t think that I was going to get to move He was reminding me that he cared about my details and that He had me in this situation for a reason. I have learned through all of this to be thankful and not compare myself to others. I would hear friends complain about laundry and I would think, “Oh, if only I could do laundry while Cameron was napping!”. That made me think that I probably complain about things in front of people that they think would be wonderful and that I needed to focus on praising the Lord for my blessings and not focus on my frustrations.

*disclaimer* I took cough syrup before I started this post and half-way through it really started to work. I am barely holding my eyes open now but I was determined to finish. If this reads like a bunch of confusing mess I am so sorry. I’m not an idiot, prescription cough syrup is just really strong! 🙂


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