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Free Stroller? May 5, 2009

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One of my good friends my Louisiville, Allison, is a blogging master. She has daily entries and even a giveaway on Fridays. (Check her out at In fact I have found that people that I have known from Memphis for years are following her blog and I have no idea their connection with her. Today she had this link for a contest for a stroller. I never do these things but I figured, “Hey, why not try.” so this is part of my being able to enter the contest, go check out Stroller Patroller and see the details about winning this stroller.


One Response to “Free Stroller?”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Hey, Kim! It has been a long time. I’ve actually been secretly keeping up with you and your fam occasionally through your blog! In fact, it was from your blog that I started following the Pink Potpourri! I’ll admit, I have no connection whatsoever to her, but I love following her blog all the same. Thanks for introducing me to it! I think I may even try for the stroller giveaway today, too!

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