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A look into all that god is doing in the Shaeffer family.

Funny?!?!?! April 24, 2009

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I have recently wondered about something some what odd. Do you think God thinks we’re funny? Michael and I have this on-running joke about how I think that I’m funnier than I really am. I’ll say something completely witty and hilarious and he will look at me with a funny expression, caused by him attempting to suppress a laugh, and tell me, “You’re not that funny!” Sometimes he does this really cute thing where he rolls his eyes and grins when I say something corny or funny. I can tell when he does this that it is a look of love and admiration. I wonder if God ever does that to us? He is the one that made us, including our personalities and he knows all of our thoughts. Do you think that sometimes he “grins” and “rolls his eyes” when we think something humorous? Do you think he ever says, “Oh Kim (Or insert your name)! That was a good one! I’m glad I gave you that sense of humor!” I don’t know if He does or not. I hope He does though, then I wouldn’t be the only one amused by my thoughts! 🙂


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