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Healthy Changes April 6, 2009

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Any of you that know me well or have known me for a long time know that I have a HUGE struggle in my life…my weight. I have struggled with blogging about this. I guess I felt like writing about it would make it too real and I was still trying hide it. But let’s face it, it’s no secret it’s pretty obvious! Since I was about 7 years old I have struggled. I was an overweight kid and then my freshman year in high school I lost quite a bit of weight. I stayed pretty average until my junior year in high school where I started gaining a lot back. My freshman year in college I got fed up and took diet pills and basically stopped eating whenever possible to lose a remarkable 60 pounds in only 6 months – not the best diet plan. From that point on I yo-yo’d back and forth 15 pounds here and there until I got married 3 years later. After I got married it all went down hill. This is where I have had my most significant weight gain. I lost about 35 pounds in order to get pregnant and thought that this was my turning point and that after I had Cameron I would keep losing weight. The month after I had Cameron was great and I dropped down to about 6 pounds less than I was when I got pregnant. Well, here I am 5 months after he was born and I am 10 pounds heavier then I was when I got pregnant. WHAT IS UP WITH THIS!?!?!?!? Why do I struggle with this? So I was getting frustrated and depressed about all of this and I took it to the Lord! I’m SO EXCITED to share with you what he has taugt me…

I realized that in all of my years of struggle I have never once taken this matter to Him. I have always lost weight in my own power. I have never consulted Him on how he wanted me to eat or exercise I just ate what tasted good or I didn’t exercise because I didn’t feel like it. The Lord convicted me that my ultimate purpose in life is to glorify Him in ALL areas of my life. I know that it doesn’t glorify the Lord for me to gossip, watch inappropriate shows, or have a bad attitude so I seek His help and surrender those things to Him. Yet for some reason I have never fully made the connection that I have to also glorify Him with the way I take care of my physical self. This is the same as those other areas of my life. I don’t handle the gossip or attitude problems on my own, HE HAS to help me, I am INCAPABLE of doing it on my own – As I am incapable of living a healthy lifestyle on my own, I HAVE to depend on HIM! Another thing the Lord showed me is that I am also responsible for my family. It is my job to cook for my family, so it is my responsibility to make sure that it is healthy. I NEVER want Cameron to struggle with weight the way that I have. I know that the only way he will learn is if he sees it modeled from an early age.

So here is my plan of action… I have done some research on healthy lifestyles. I am not putting my family on a diet we are starting a lifestyle change. I have been reading about making wise choices and how to prepare healthy balanced meals. I am not buying any junk for this house, it’s just asking for trouble. I am going to start taking Cameron for walks at the park. I am also starting an exercise boot camp this week – at 5:45 am EEK!!! My main thing is that I don’t want to lose my focus. I am NOT doing this to lose weight (Although eventually that will be a much needed and exciting result). I am doing this in order to be obedient and glorify the Lord in ALL aspects of my life. I desire to be healthy and available for WHATEVER he calls me to do.


2 Responses to “Healthy Changes”

  1. Lee Says:

    Kim, Thanks for sharing that. It was good to hear your transparency and I’m thankful that the Lord has been near to your journey. I just wanted to suggest a book that I thought had some interesting insights on matters like weight and diet. It even has good recipes and discusses things like which fruits to buy organically and which ones don’t matter as much because their pesticide level is low. It’s called “Kissed Dieting Goodbye” by Elliot Young. Elliot is the daughter-in-law of pastor Ed Young at Second Baptist in Houston, TX.
    ps- I’m one of your blog lurkers =) I linked to you from Laurin’s blog.

  2. Lee Says:

    oops it’s actually called “Kiss Dieting Goodbye” not kissed…

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