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Things I like! March 28, 2009

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I forgot to add…

Diaper Champ


When I was pregnant a friend of mine recommended that I get the Diaper Champ over the Diaper Genie. The main reason is because you can use any trash bag in the Diaper Champ. With the Diaper Genie you have to use the special bags. I have really liked the Diaper Champ. It does a great job at containing diaper odor. I was worried about how my my 80 pound lab would act with having a pale of dirty diapers to entice him. So far we have made it 5 months and it is as if Baxter is unaware of the “treats” (eww) available to him!

I love when people review things on their blogs. I enjoy seeing what other people like and I usually get some really good ideas based off of their recommendations. Because I have SO MANY friends having babies I have decided to make a list of the baby items that I have loved over the past 5 months.

Lansinoh Diaper Rash Cream


This stuff is the best. Cameron only had a few bad diaper rashes but the ones that he did have were slightly bad. I used Desitin and Butt Paste but they were both messy, took several days to help, and they didn’t prevent rashes. I got a sample of the Lansinoh cream in a package of breast pads and gave it a try. It rubbed on clear and the lanolin seemed to soothe his rash. One day after using it, his rash was gone. Since then (Which was about 2 months ago) I started putting a little on him after he gets out of the bath and he has not had a single rash.

Medela Breast Pump


This was probably one of the priciest items that I got. I was worried when I got it that I wouldn’t use it enough to justify the cost – I WAS WRONG!!! I love it! I didn’t realize how much I would need to pump in order to return to my normal lifestyle (I don’t know how working moms do it – they are amazing!). The pump I have is the kind that its in a backpack. I loved that when we went to Orlando. I was able to use the backpack as my purse and I guarantee you only other moms knew that I was carrying a breast pump on my back.



My sister found this stuffed animal at General Dollar and gave it to Cameron in his stocking. I would have never thought he would love it so much. He has it with him every nap time and any time we leave the house. He chews on bunny’s feet and loves to “eat bunny’s face”. Bunny is a life saver!!!



Whoever invented baby swings is WONDERFUL!!! Cameron naps in his swing everyday (I know I know, not the most “Baby Wise” friendly sleep habit, but it works for us and I’m fine with that!! šŸ™‚ ) The swing has allowed him to be independent while still being in the living room with us. It’s not the most visually appealing object in our living room but I could care less – it keeps my baby happy!

I’ll stop here for now. There are many other items that help us get through our day but I’ll save those for another post!


2 Responses to “Things I like!”

  1. ashley Says:

    Hey…thanks for posting all that…and keep them coming. I have been meaning to ask you if you have any recommendations….so I could add them to my registry. I will have to add that diaper cream!

  2. Ashley Smith Says:

    I appreciated this post so much…In fact, I’m going to my registries and changing to the Diaper Champ immediately. I had no idea which one to register for, so I just picked the one I had heard about before. Anyway, thanks!! I love you!

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