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Habit?!?! February 26, 2009

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So when does something officially become a habit? I’ve always heard that if you do something for two weeks straight then it is now a habit that you have mastered. If that is the case my sweet baby boy has officially made a habit of sleeping through the night! YAY!!! For the past two weeks Cameron has slept at least 8-9 hours straight. I have to admit that I think Baby Wise had a lot to do with this. (See previous post on Baby Wise) It’s funny, because I had just started to get frustrated with it and felt that it wasn’t working. So many people had told me that their baby was sleeping through the night by 8 weeks, and here we were at 15 weeks and he was only going about 5 hours. Then it was like he just decided one night, “I think I want to sleep more!” Needless to say, I am loving the new sleep schedule. It’s amazing what a full night’s sleep will do for you!

We have some other big things going on in the Shaeffer household…Cameron rolled over for the first time yesterday. It was so fun to watch the progression of him learning how to do this. He started by going to his side and then turning his head, however the rest of his body just wouldn’t follow. 🙂 Then by yesterday afternoon he got it! I am so proud!

The other big thing is that Michael’s parents are coming in town today. On Sunday Michael and I are going to Orlando for the “Youth Pastor’s Summit”. Michael’s parents are going to stay here with Cameron. I, of course, have mixed feelings about this. I am excited to get away for some alone time with my husband and I am so glad that Cameron will have time with his Mamaw and Papaw, but it is killing me to leave him. The longest I have been away from him is about 4 hours, now it will be about 4 days. I’m just praying that the Lord will give me a peace while I am gone.

I’ll leave this post with my new favorite picture. What a sweet boy!!!



2 Responses to “Habit?!?!”

  1. I would definitely say he’s got that sleeping through the night thing down! Good for him!

  2. Sarah Smith Says:

    Yay Cameron! First rolling over…next crawling! What a sweet picture. I will be praying for you and your moments away. Enjoy being a “couple” with Michael for the few days.

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