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He is Growing So Fast! February 9, 2009

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I can’t believe how fast 3 months has gone by. I know that 3 months is actually a short amount of time, however it is amazing to me how quickly the changes come in the life of a newborn. I have learned that each month brings what I would consider several months worth of changes. At this time last month Cameron was getting his sleep routine down and he couldn’t really hold his head up with any control. Now he is holding his head up (enough to sit in his Bumbo), sleeping pretty much through the night, and his sweet personality is developing. In the past week or so Cameron has started to smile and laugh a lot. It is so much fun. All we have to do is make faces at him and smile and he gives us the biggest grin. He has also started to “talk” back to us. Many mornings I wake up and I can hear him talking to himself in his bed. I have no idea how long he has been awake, but he is perfectly content talking to himself. Just this week he has discovered his feet. Now he loves to lay on his play mat and hold his feet. I expect that he will be rolling over very soon – he sure is trying. I am having fun watching all of these changes and I love each new part of this newborn stage. However, part of me wishes that it would slow down some, it’s going by way too fast! 🙂


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