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2008…What a Year! January 1, 2009

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I’ve never been one for New Year’s resolutions, however every New Years Day I always think back to the previous one and think, “If I had only known last January 1st all of the things that were going to happen I would have been amazed!” This thought has never been more true than this year. Last year on this day I was struggling with the pain and impatience of not yet having a child. I was finally turning it all over to the Lord and honestly becomming okay with the fact that we may never be able to have children biologically. I was beginning to feel overwhelmed by the fact that Michael would be graduating in only 5 months and then we would probably be moving and leaving Lousiville, the city that had become home to us. By  March we were amazed when we found out that God had blessed us and I was pregnant. Before we knew it, May was here and Michael was officially a graduate of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Now came the job hunt. We had to move out of our apartment on campus even though we didn’t have a job yet. We got a new apartment in Louisville and waited on God to show us where He would send us. By August we went to College Station and God confirmed that this is where He wanted us. September arrived and with it we were officially Texans. Over the next few months we anxiously and excitedly waited the arrival of our child. It was a fun time. We planned and dreamed of the day we would hold our son. On October 30th we welcomed Cameron Michael Shaeffer into the world and nothing has been the same since. With all of the things that have happened this year, he is the biggest blessing. Being his mom has been the most challenging and rewarding experience that I have ever had. Even on the tough days I am overwhelmed with how blessed I feel and can’t even remember the days that he wasn’t a part of our family.

So, as I think back and realize that I never could have even dreamed of how full and amazing 2008 was, I am excited and anxious to see what 2009 has in store.


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