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Harder Than I Expected December 4, 2008

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Well…I started with lofty ambitions of posting updates daily about Cameron and all of the changes that he is undergoing. I never expected it to be so difficult to find the time to do so. I’m trying to stick to a pretty organized schedule, so after I feed him and keep him awake for awhile I have 1 1/2 hours before I start the cycle all over again. So I have to make the decision to either shower, eat, sleep, clean, etc. during that time. I often weigh the decision of if I am more hungry or tired and that one wins out.

A friend of mine told me that weeks 5-8 were the hardest for her because the exhaustion had caught up to her yet she was still waiting for the Baby Wise schedule to pay off and for her baby to sleep through the night. Even though I am just now hitting week 5, I can completely see where she is coming from.  I am SO tired!

Even though I am so tired, I am loving this stage of life. I love watching Cameron change each and every day. I love that nursing has become so easy and painless that I am beginning to enjoy this bonding time with my son. I love that things are beginning to feel normal. This is definitely not the “normal” Michael and I were used to. It is our “new normal” and I LOVE it!

So I will finish up by saying that altough this is all much harder than I expected, it is by far the biggest blessing I have ever received!!!


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