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Ch,Ch,Ch, Changes August 29, 2008

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WOW!!!! Everything has happened so fast! Yesterday Michael and I got up early and with help from our friend Mark we loaded up our moving truck. I think this move from Louisville was even harder than our move from Memphis. When we left Memphis we could tell all of our good friends, “We’ll make sure and see you when we come in town to visit with family.” As we left Louisville yesterday, we couldn’t say that to people. In all reality when Michael has vacation time it will be spent in Memphis so we can be with family. It was just hard saying bye to people and knowing that you may likely never see them again this side of heaven. CRAZY!!! All I can say is thank goodness for facebook. That is how I am going to keep in touch with so many of the good friends we have met in Louisville.

I will always look back and love the times we had in Louisville. The Lord really taught us a lot and gave us many wonderful expereinces. It was the first place that Michael and I made a home all on our own with no family close by. We were really able to grow closer together. It is where Michael learned so much at Southern Seminary. It’s where I had my first “real” teaching job and got to work with wonderful people. It’s where we got hands on experience working with incredible students at Highview. It’s where we struggled with infertility and were then amazed with the news that God had blessed us with a child. It will forever hold a special place in my heart and I will always look back and cherish this time.

However, now we are getting to move on into a new phase of life. We are getting to learn a new city all over again (While that’s overwhelming I find it a little exciting). We are looking foward to building new relationships with students and leaders and making new friends. And most exciting of all, in about 2 months from now we will have our first child and life will never be the same again. While I am sad about all that we left behind yesterday I am looking eagerly ahead to all God has in store for us.

When I post again next week I will be a Texas resident and probably a Texas A&M fan. ( I think that’s mandatory for College Station residents!) Yee-Haw!


One Response to “Ch,Ch,Ch, Changes”

  1. Such a sweet post, Kim. I’ll keep Louisville warm for you (does that make sense?)…first “real” teaching job? I thought that happened in Memphis?!? hah!

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