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And It’s A… June 20, 2008

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Everything went really well at the ultrasound today. It was a lot of fun. We were in there for almost 45 minutes. Everything looks great and is how it should be. At first he was being really shy and the technician couldn’t see anything. I had started think that we weren’t going to find out. Then she had me roll over on my side and he cooperated. We are so pleased. Neither of us really cared either way. This just makes it so real. We went to Babies’R’Us and Target afterwards to do some pre-registry scouting. That was TONS of fun. Like I said previously we did finally pick a name… Cameron Michael will be here in only 4 short months.

In other news we signed on an apartment today. We are going to move to Charlestown of Douglas Hills on the 30th. It’s a cute 2 bedroom townhouse and it even has a patio for Baxter to go out on. We really like it and are very excited.

All I can say after a day like today is that God is so amazing and faithful. He blesses me beyond all I could ever hope or imagine. Even in this difficult transition time where Michael and I are both without jobs, the Lord just continues to show us that he is in control and he still pours out His blessings. What a GREAT God we serve!


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  1. How exciting! Love the name!!!

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