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Spring Break is Almost Over :( April 10, 2008

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Every time I have a break from school I get really depressed toward the end of it because life is about to go back to normal. Overall, we have had a great spring break. We had a great time in Memphis visiting with family and friends. My mom is doing much better. She only stayed in the hospital long enough to get medicine in her and stop the dizzy spell. She goes to the ear doctor this week to see what is wrong. We’re really excited about Thunder on Saturday. I can’t wait to see Ashley and Ricky.

So this post was really short and random. I’m super tired right now (which seems to be something that is pretty constant) and can’t form complete thoughts! Until next time…


2 Responses to “Spring Break is Almost Over :(”

  1. Ashley Gipson Says:

    yay! I’m glad that your mom is good and that we got to see you this past weekend!

  2. bandasmith Says:

    ok, spring break is definitely over….time for an update!!! 🙂
    it was good to see you last weekend..

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