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My Mom April 5, 2008

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I called my mom this afternoon at work just to see what she was doing and talk about us coming in town. To my surprise my dad answered instead. When I asked him why he was answering he casually said, “because your mom is laid out in the floor.” I thought he was joking so I continued with some joke about him being the one who put her there. He then told me that he was actually serious. He said that she was having a bad time with her inner ear and vertigo and couldn’t get off the floor. Now for some background, this is common or my mom. She has bad inner ear and when she has a “spell” she’s down for a few days. They have also hit her at work before and my dad always has to go pick her up and bring her up. Well this time when he got there and tried to get her up she would either start to pass out or throw up. So he was letting her just lay there and hope it passed until he could get her home. Well when I talked to him she had been on the floor for 2 hours! I think he was obviously starting to get worried but I think he thought he was overreacting. So when he told me this I quickly told him that he was crazy and needed to call an ambulance to come get her because something was not right. I think he had been feeling this way but once he heard someone else say it he realized that’s what he had to do. So he called an ambulance and they took her to the hospital about 1 and a half hours ago. I haven’t heard any updates yet. 

It’s times like these that I absolutely hate not being close to family. I’m sure she’ll be fine and there’s nothing I could do if I was there but I would just like the option of going to the hospital to see her. So please pray that everything is okay and that the doctor’s will figure everything out. I haven’t seen my parents since Christmas and they are so excited about us coming in town and I want her to be able to enjoy it.


One Response to “My Mom”

  1. Ashley Gipson Says:

    Hey Kim,

    I just said a prayer for your mom. Hope everything is ok. When are yall going to Memphis?

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